Uploading Annotated Images to WordPress Gallery using ShareX

Uploading Annotated Images to WordPress Gallery using ShareX

This is a short guideline on how to quickly take capture something on your screen, annotate it, name it, and then upload directly to your wordpress editor so you can then publish it as a blog post while still maintaing friendly SEO standards

If you aren’t familiar with shareX checkout the guide I wrote here: https://anacondapython.gitbooks.io/sharex-user-manual/content/

STEP 0: Understand where images are stored (on wordpress host, or a 3rd party)

There’s two places you can store your images for your blogsite. Either:

  1. Directly on wordpress (e.g. vincentmtang.com)
  2. or through a 3rd party image host such as imgur.com**

The advantage of hosting directly on your blogsite is that anyone referencing your images improves your overall website’s SEO ratings. You also have to host the images on wordpress to get the “gallery” function for displaying multiple images in columns

With this in mind, this methodology below is for hosting images directly on your wordpress host.

STEP 1: Setup your ShareX Profile

Above are my actual settings selected, with the highlighted yellow ones indicating the settings most important to annotating and uploading an image to wordpress

  1. “Open in image editor” allows you to edit and remix the image with anything
  2. Save image as” allows you to then name the file so that it can be searched in your wordpress gallery, and through search engines / SEO
  3. “Copy file path to clipboard” allows you to quickly paste the result into your “Open as dialog prompt” when you upload files

I keep this workflow on a dedicated hotkey for wordpress

Capture settings are on “Capture Region”

STEP 2: Run ShareX

Press ALT+Q (or whatever your hotkey is). Drag and select the designated region you’d like to screenshot like so:

Annotate your image if needed:

Save the image

STEP 3: Navigate To WordPress “Insert Media” and Paste

Click select files here to upload an image. From there, paste your clipboard contents in the dialog prompt:

Select the image just uploaded to wordpress gallery, add any metadata for SEO purposes,  and add it to your post


Now you should have your rubber ducky inputted into your post:

Alternatively you can disable “save file image as” and change it to “save image” so it defaults to a certain name, and then copy file path to clipboard. However, you won’t be able to name your files





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