Custom Domain WordPress Setup Using Namecheap and Sitegrounds

Custom Domain WordPress Setup Using Namecheap and Sitegrounds

If you’ve ever looked into hosting a blogsite, you’ll want a custom domain name for your readers to find / search. Chances are you already have a host like sitegrounds which manages its wordpress installs using cPanel

This quick guide will cover how to install a custom domain name (e.g., to a wordpress host (e.g. sitegrounds) using cPanel.

STEP 0: What you need

  1. A domain through
  2. A wordpress host like sitegrounds with cPanel as a management tool

I am currently using sitegrounds as my wordpress host

STEP 1: Point your domain name server to webhost server

Your Domain Name Server (DNS) like namecheap takes your human-readable address name ( into an IP address that your computer can reference to display your website in the browser.

What we need to do is point that DNS directly to where our wordpress files are stored for anyone to find.

In this case I will be using namecheap as my DNS, sitegrounds as my webhost

STEP 1A :To begin, go to grab the nameserver information

In this case, the two things I need from siteground’s nameservers are:

STEP 1B: Go to and login

Under domain list, click your domain and hit “manage”

Next, add the nameserver information from sitegrounds

STEP 2: Setup Domain on your Webhost Server

Depending on what service you have through sitegrounds, you may have to go to add your domain name to cPanel

Prices here are from Jan 2017

If you have option 1, namecheap sets a default website name to your account. For option 2, multiple websites, you have to navigate to cPanel

Navigate to “add on domains”

Add in the information here of your domain, and set a password

STEP 3: Setup WordPress

The step above creates a folder in your server root area. Now we need to populate that folder with a wordpress install

Navigate to cPanel and click wordpress autoinstaller

Navigate to install

Add a password or just use the defaults

Hit install

STEP 4: Now what?

You need to wait potentially upwards of up to 72 hours for your webhost to apply the domain name changes to your site

If you have problems with your setup, and cannot find whether the DNS (namecheap) or your webhost (sitegrounds) is not doing their end, use  and type in your domain (

You should be able to see the following:

When you search for your domain name, your browsers sends the human-readable-URL (vincentmtang) to your internet provider (e.g. comcast). It gets to namecheap’s servers, which tells the computer what the IP is, which is your website hosted at sitegrounds

Sitegrounds has its own name servers (NS1.CLEV1.NET) which needs to find where your site is located, since they have a lot of other websites hosted there.

HTML / CSS / Javascript files are sent back to your computer’s browser and that is your website you are looking as

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