My name is Vincent Tang. By day I do marketing, IT, and sales for a small company specializing in industrial equipment. By night I spend my time doing web development and studying computer science.

I use this website to share things I learn. These topics are the following:

  • How I set up [______] software to GTD (Get Things Done)
  • Reflecting on things learned from work/side projects
  • Documentaries / Stories

I believe it is important to blog about something. It doesn’t really matter what the topic is. Writing these posts captures a state of mind that you can later revisit. It helps cement things you’ve learned and helps you show a sense of progress.

What I am up to now – edited 7/8/18

What I am learning now

  • React Development by Andrew Mead- 7/7/18
  • Python Backend Development 7/7/18
  • NAND2tetris – July 7 2018
  • Algorithms Sedgewick – started July 7th 2018

What I am physically building now

  • Developing a full e-commerce site for work – started April,17 2018
  • Attempting to build a notetaking app – started July 7 2018

What I am trying to improve on last edited April 17, 2018

  • Clear concise writing
  • Losing weight so I can bulk up later

Things on a slow ongoing basis

What I’m learning now last edited April,17 2018

  • Discrete math and Linear Algebra
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Finishing freecodecamp’s frontend developer curriculum (95% done)
  • Design patterns and clean code conventions

You can checkout what I accomplish everymonth on the bottom of my portfolio page here


I publish articles elsewhere on occasion.


How I take my notes through freecodecamp
July 2017


Bulk Image Uploader to Airtable via macros
May 2017

Bulk Image Downloader and Renamer using Excel VBA
June 2017

Image Export Workflow to google spreadsheets
April 2018

Open Source Contributions

I give back to the open source community that develops software that I rely on. Here are some of my contributions

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You can reach me with the contact page form below, or at my email:  kagerjay.blog (at) gmail.com