On Lost Writing and Memories

On Lost Writing and Memories

I was writing a story about my life, reminescing back on days I had growing up.

Halfway in the post my windows laptop decided to take a **** on itself and turn on sticky shift keys (why was this invented, seriously). I ended up proceeding to delete all of my text somehow, and wordpress decided not to cache any copies.

The most ironic part is I have triple levels of redundancies on my other PCs for this to not happen. These are

  • A backround program that backups anything I CTRL+A and CTRL+C, everything gets copied into a database. I use ditto
  • A timesnapping program that periodically takes screenshots of my computer, and can be viewed with a password. I use timesnapper
  • Automatic backups via wordpress (why didn’t this work?)

I didn’t have the 2nd option installed on this PC which would have averted all the problems.

The worst part is I will never tell the story the same way again. If I go back and try to write out what I originally set out to do, it doesn’t feel right. It feels like I’m repeating myself, which I am, and then the writing is almost mechanical.

It doesn’t have the natural flow anymore. I will never get back that lost work, ever again.

I have forever lost some other things. Memories and things I hold valuable, forever gone

  • My first hotmail account. It was deleted when Microsoft acquired hotmail, due to being “inactive”
  • My university emails. They pulled a fast one at the end of the year, not telling anyone it would be deleted. I was naive and forwarded nothing to a personal email
  • A lot of photos from my K-12 years are no longer to be found, forever lost
  • A lot of my silly essays I wrote in K-12


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